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If you don’t have a pair of brogues then you’re missing out on a huge range of outfits that go perfectly with them. Chinos are ideal to pair with them, and you can get both a casual and formal look depending on how you style them. It’s even easier to go for a smart casual look if you’re not ready to go too extreme, and like loafers, there’s a huge range of styles to choose from.


For a casual look you can go for bolder brogue design, opting for a thick-sole look in a less neutral colour, like red or white. For chinos you can go for any style, whether it be cropped, straight leg, skinny fit, or classic slim fit, however in a casual look you have the option push the boat out in terms of colour. Try matching a pair of red chinos with some punchy thick soled brogues, and finishing off the look with a leather bomber jacket.

It’s easy to throw on, looks stylish, and on top of that is insanely comfortable, giving you a chino combination that’s great for autumn and winter. To keep things balanced, don’t go for chinos that are too slim fit if you’re going for thicker brogues, as you can risk the chance of looking a little bottom heavy. However, if you want to go for a more striking look, then that could work in your favour, and give you a grungier, more alternative style – perfect for when you want the skinny jeans look without actually wearing a pair.

For that, dressing comfortably in brogues and chinos doesn’t have to be a mission. Simply opt for a t-shirt and our Autumn/Winter 16 favourite, the leather bomber jacket. As for the chinos, don’t be afraid to play around with something different, such as a burgundy shade rather than the classic beige.

For a look that’s a little less alternative, but still casual and comfortable, switch the t-shirt with a denim shirt. Keep to the same chinos from Dickies, £44.90 which are available in other various colours, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Always remember the combination of the chinos and a denim shirt will always go surprisingly well, with the help of the leather jacket to throw it all together. This look is a perfect way to experiment with the textures in your wardrobe safely. Especially with brogues, this outfit is bound to keep you looking sharp this autumn.

When it comes to finishing this look you can go for a traditional low rise brogue, or go more relaxed with a pair of brogue boots. Either style will work, so it’s really down to preference and comfort.

Brogues for casual outfits are similar to brogues for smart outfits, so it’s really how you style them that helps elevate them to a formal look. Of course, brogue boots automatically provide more relaxed looks, so pairing these with a pair of slim fit chinos is a fail safe option.


A traditional pair of brogues are slim fit, leather and usually in brown or black, i.e perfect for a smart look – surprising considering these formal shoes started out as footwear for farmers in the nineteenth century.

You can go a preppy look with some light coloured chinos, paired with a tailored blazer and classic stand-up collar shirt. Add a pair of black or dark brown brogues to complete the look and you’ll look effortlessly smart, without looking like you didn’t spend hours getting ready in front of the mirror. You can add a few embellishments like a pocket square if you want to go extra fancy, but this look is timeless and sophisticated even on its own.

If it’s too warm for a blazer, or the above is a little too preppy for you, you can go ultra simple with a pair of black slim fit chinos paired with a shirt, either patterned or plain, and finished off with a pair of suede brogues to keep the look less bold. Again, as you’re going for a simple look make sure that your hair is styled neatly and that your shirt and chinos are perfectly clean and ironed. Simplicity doesn’t allow for stains and crumples.

As stated before brogues can be mixed and matched to suit a lot of styles, so many that you’d wear in a casual outfit can be doubled up and worn in a formal way as well. It’s best to avoid brogue boots, however, as they tend to suit a casual look, and might bring you formal attire down a notch if you’re not careful.

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