Jogger Outfits


Of course you can get everything perfect with whatever style outfit you’re going for. That short sleeved shirt is crisp and matches perfectly with your corduroy joggers, complimenting your shined loafers to a T. Then you check the weather and it’s clear you’re going to need some kind of coat to stop you turning blue. The good thing about joggers though is that they go with a lot of outerwear choices, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth.

Denim Jacket

A good denim jacket can save your life, or at least your outfit, multiple times with its versatility and easy comfort. If your outfit veers towards the casual side then a light coloured jacket that reaches to your hip will compliment the look, while keeping your joggers on show. If the whole outfit seems a little too put together try distressing your jacket to create a grungier vibe.

Although it’s harder to achieve a smarter look with a denim jacket you can create it if you choose the right colour and shape. A more tailored, slim fit design in a dark colour like indigo or grey is the best choice for a smart-casual look and will draw the outfit together, keeping it streamlined and composed.

To be continued...