Palewave is a very popular aesthetic that typically starts to gain more and more traction as summer starts to hit. Palewave centers around muted and pale colors with a very relaxed and comfy vibe. One of the main draws of Palewave is that it is an aesthetic that can be had for quite cheap. So, if you’re looking for a new look this summer but money is tight, maybe give Palewave a try.

Key pieces in Palewave and where to get them

Palewave, like any other aesthetic, has its essentials. Here is a list of what I consider to be necessary items to this look. Bear in mind, this list is tailored to spring summer.

Basic Tees in pale/muted colors. Absolute essentials in my opinion are:




Pale Pink

Pale Blue

Lightwash Jeans. Lightwash jeans are crucial to the palewave look. Get a nice skinny pair and then maybe a baggier pair to roll up for a cropped effect. Also consider some lightwash or white denim shorts.

Low Profile White / Light Sneakers. Possibly the most important item. These will be your beaters so choose wisely. Cheaper options for this are Stan Smiths and Vans Old Skools. For a higher quality option go for Common Projects Achilles Lows (which we recently did an article on if you want more information)

Sand/Beige Bomber. This will be your light jacket for the spring/summer nights. IT works well with everything mentioned above and fits the aesthetic perfectly. These can be had at the likes of HM, Topman, and Zara for cheap.

As you can probably see, because of all of the lighter, muted colors, this look is perfect for the summer. But don’t think its exclusively for the warmer months, it looks great all year round. If you want a new look and this appeals to you, I highly recommend trying it. Using this guide as a basis, you’ll look great in no time.