Today, i read an article about the joggers, it is an awesome article.So i would like to share with you.:-)

What are Joggers?

Jogging bottoms were originally made for people to exercise in. They are typically lightweight, comfortable, and made from soft cotton or polyester. In past years, if you were caught wearing joggers out in public, you would swiftly become a social pariah.

Fortunately, over the last few years, a revolution in men’s fashion has taken place. It’s now not only socially acceptable to wear joggers out in public, it’s actually fashionable. As sportswear style has become more and more fashionable, so have tracksuit bottoms. If you’re asking yourself where can I buy joggers, then why not check out the ones we have here at the Idle Man? Otherwise, check out some high street sportswear shops like JD sports.

In the past, joggers would probably have been baggy and loose. Nowadays, to keep in line with trends, the best joggers you will see are tapered in the leg. This makes them look great in a number of ways and in combination with other clothes.