How to wear chino pants in summer

The weather is getting hotter,I think chino pants will be more and more popular for men. It is awesome to wear a pair of comfortable chino in summer. Though is not popular than jeans, as long as we can choose a pair of chino that fit ourself perfectly, we can look different as before.

Chino pants, once you wear it ,it can show the casual and handsome look. In fact, the chino pants is basic on the suit pant, but ,it is more casual and comfortable in fabric and fitting than the suit, and the chino pants is more colorful than the normal suit pants.

Chinos + Shirts

In the not so hot weather, we can choose a pair of shirt with long sleeves to go with the Chino pants. No matter what color of chino pants you wear, it's perfect match to go with shirts. But what shoes to go with chinos? It is nice try to wear with the white shoes and Laofer shoes.

Chinos + Polo Shirts

Polo shirts is the common style in the summer. Polo shirts seems look more formal than blank and printed T-shirts, so I think it is not so fit for the brightly too young person to wear it. ;-)

In summer, T-shirts to go with Chino pants is a perfect match, you can choose the solid color Tees, also can have a try some printed tees, logo tees. The style of Chino pants is more simple, if you would like to wear it not so dry, you can have try the tips above.