Continue.....What Shoes To Wear With Chinos


This is probably one of the hardest shoes to get right when matching them with chinos, however if styled correctly you can achieve a relaxed yet clean look that’s ideal for casual and smart casual outfits. What trainers you choose depends on the outfit, but it’s best to keep them slim fit and neutral in colour. No flashy green and red designs here. You want to make sure they’re in keeping with the sleek looking chinos.


A casual look is easily achieved with trainers, as obviously they’re designed for more relaxed wear. A T-shirt is an obvious choice, and you go for a simple mono coloured one matched with a pair of black chinos and white trainers, giving you an alternative clean look, or go for some colour. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box with unique colours such as silver or light blue.

They’ll go with a surprisingly high amount of tops, and you can easily finish off the look with some plain trainers. Add a little more edge with some black leather trainers, and cuff your chinos so your footwear is on display. This will result in an effortlessly simple and stylish look that won’t take long to put together.

With a wide choice in colour to choose from for your classic chinos, opting for a trainer is easy business. When pairing your new kicks with the smart-casual trousers, go for a slim fit chino and a slim fit T-shirt, and try and match your trainers with the colours of your outfit.

In the example below you’ve got a simple black and white T-shirt paired with some light chinos, so simple pair of white lace up trainers is going to match well with the overall look. Then it’s as simple as throwing on a suede bomber jacket to give yourself a relaxed outfit that would look great on all shapes and sizes.

For a casual chino look trainers are ideal, but try and keep them simplistic, as chinos are still a more tailored and sophisticated trouser, and so won’t go too well with anything bold and brash. Simple lace ups in a variety of patterns and materials will keep your outfit grounded, but still work with the casual vibe.


For a smart day to day look, look keep the colour palette darker and the chinos more tailored and in a thicker material like tweed. This will keep the look grounded in a smart style, even when paired with trainers. For the trainers, again keep them simple with a pair of white lace ups that won’t detract too much from the overall look. Throw over a smart, fitted coat, like a peacoat and you have an outfit that’s clean, relaxed, yet smart, and great for the office.

Like the casual look try to keep your trainers plain and in a slim design. Try to avoid patterns and bright colours and this will clash with the formal look of your outfit.